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                                                          THE COSMIC 3D UV PORTAL

Founded by Multidiscipline  Visionary Artists  Myztico Campo and  Humo Maya 


                The Cosmic 3D UV Portal enhances ALL of the events where they share this experience at.


By combining the live performance of UV Canvas Painting alongside UV Body Painting this multi-talented duo has been uplifting the energies of  ALL of the events where they appear at.  Whether it be Music/Art Festivals, Burning Man gatherings, Nightclubs, Private & Corporate Events the reactions have been priceless. So many beautiful souls have been enchanted by the magic they conjure at all of events they perform at.


Body painting has been around for thousands of years  in many ancient international cultures since the earliest of human tribes. In our present day realm UV body painting brings this ancient art form into a UV Psychedelic soaked experience that many of those painted cherish with timeless photos. It is a sacred ritual, a meditation, a revelation of spirit a cleansing playfulness that brings out the inner child of any adult.  The pictures in this gallery speaks for themselves.

                      Book the Cosmic 3D UV Portal at your next event. Contact us for availability and rates at:   


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