Myztico's Psychedelic Shamanic UV Art Tapestry Gallery

While Soul Traveling through different Plant Medicine dimensions and Dreamtime, I came across various entities and vistas so vibrant and breath taking that I have tried my very best to represent them on canvas. Now for the first time in 2021, I am offering these visions on full UV Reactive Tapestries. These tapestries are hand made in the USA, ready to hang with built in grommets. They truly pop under blacklight . These are dye sublimation printed on satin or matte fabric. The details are sharp

                                                                                      These sizes are priced as follows:

                                            36 x 40"    @  $60- + shipping (domestic/international available)

                                            56 x 56"    @  $80- + shipping (domestic/international available)

                                            56 x 36"    @  $70- + shipping (domestic/international available)

                                            56 x 80"    @  $110- + shipping (domestic/international available)

                                              (custom sizes are available, dealers/distributors are welcome)

  If you're a shop or distributor wholesale rates are available contact me at to place your order.                                                                           PayPal & Venmo accepted.

Mayan Calender Redux
Into the Unknown 2
False Flag Amerikka
Divine Sacrament of Evolution 2020
Campo - Interdimensional Amor
Guardians of the Evolution 2
Campo- Sacramental Ceremony
the red ones
CannabiSia 3D
InterStellar Toker
Campo Transurfing the field of Infinite
Campo-StarSeed Meditation
Cygnus Pipe
InnerSpace 369
Peace Pipe DImensions
Aquarian Shamaness & The Tree Spirit 4
Hidden Stories ©2020 All Rights Reserved
prying my 3rd I open a
Anubis, guardians of the source
sage of altered perceptions
day of the dead2
Madre Medicina y los espiritos poderosos
web of mystery
Innerspace shaman 2a
_Trancing Being_ 32 x 40_ #acryliconcanvas #visionaryart #shamanicart #psychedelicart #dmt #psylocib
Out of the Garden
_Origins Meditation_ #acryliconcanvas  32 x 40_ #visionaryart #uvartist #blacklightart  #turtle #ali
_El Kambo_ #digitalart #visionaryart #kambo #psychedelicart #shamanicart #psychonaut  #questionevery
Soma Sometime Slivers
Anubis, Khnum Thoth
Spirit Riders
Astral Buffalo Chief Glyphs
Quetzacotl Hand
Cosmic Tree Cross
Hopi Blue Star
Kali Mirror
Native American Peyote Hand
Mojo Muddy Waters Hand
Music Hands and the Code
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The Dance of Unfoldment
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