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Keith Gerold

Levittown, NY

On Airbnb since 2019

Public review

“As stated in the description of the experience, keep an open mind. We weren't totally sure of what to expect, but Myztico and Damaris were very warm and welcoming putting us both at ease. Their art and collaborative skills are amazing. During the creative process you will feel enlightened and liberated with a desire to express yourself as they take photos and videos of your experience. You will leave with a spark ignited within your soul. I highly recommend this experience.”




Briana Link

NY, United States

On Airbnb since 2016

Public review

“We had a great time at Myztico’s. I loved that he and Damaris asked us a lot of questions about ourselves beforehand to get an idea of who we are and what to paint. They spent a lot of time making sure we were comfortable and on the experience as a whole. I was impressed with their eye for setting up great images and can’t wait to see the shoot!”




Pierrette Kane

Pittsburgh, PA

On Airbnb since 2018

Public review

“This experience was way more fun than I expected. Myztico and Damaris made us feel so welcome and like we were really their canvas. There could not be a better couple to host. You truly get to relax let go and drift into a whole different world. My best advice if you do this is, let them paint your skin, take your shirt off! It was a blast!!”


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“Thank you so much! We’re still laughing, it was the highlight of our weekend and will always be a great memory, Petey & Debbie”



Christina Ho

Bronxville, NY

On Airbnb since 2013

Public review

“A delightful evening and personalized to my interests and skill level! I did a canvas painting instead of body painting. Myztico took time to make me feel comfortable, get in a creative mode and gave very helpful tips and advice about the paint. He also painted alongside me as did his partner who added another level of fun and conversation to the evening. He let me pick the music and made suggestions based on the music I liked. It was a special and magical evening and I came away with a renewed spark of creativity! Thanks to both of you so much for such a fun and special night!!”



Kelsey King

MA, United States

On Airbnb since 2015


“Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. My night was magical, mystical, and wild. Myztico went out of his way to make this a special experience for me, and I am extremely grateful for that! If you’re like me and afraid of the photo shoot: you don’t need to be! I have no clue what I’m doing but they never made me feel like anything less than a Goddess. I drove over 6 hours to experience this and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Yvonne Setlock

PA, United States

On Airbnb since 2018


“If you are looking for an out of the box fun experience in Ithaca you should partake in Myztico’s UV body painting experience. It’s eclectic, engaging and energizing. A must do in the finger lake region for the open minded. One love”


Lisa A

Montgomery, NY


Public review

“Tico and Damaris create a comfortable environment filled with various sensory experiences. It’s a psychedelic party where Tico and Damaris take you to another part of yourself. They are very passionate about their art and work. It was a memorable experience. ¡Que viva el arte!”



March 11, 2021


What a great experience! We highly recommend. Couldn’t imagine a better way to spend an evening.

Emma Johnson

Amherst, MA


Public review

“My boyfriend and I chose the UV body painting experience and it was definitely time well spent. Myztico and Damaris are such great artists and made us feel really comfortable! They were very professional but also warm, open, and fun. We loved hearing about the history of body painting and the spiritual aspects of the practice. It was such a meaningful evening and left us feeling even more connected to each other as a couple. Truly a unique experience guided by two beautiful souls!”



Yamille Roman


“This was a great and unique experience! Be sure to go with an open mind and open heart. Tico and Damaris welcomed us into their world of art and vision, as well as their home. They went above and beyond for my group. They even surprised me with a cake they knew we were celebrating a birthday milestone.”

Sarah Morehouse

Howell, NJ


“Had an incredible experience with Damaris and Tico (also got to see Damaris's art up at Ithaca's kava bar, The Sacred Root) with my bestie to celebrate a birthday. We were welcomed into their art space, covered in Tico's psychedelic art which becomes even more amazing with 3D glasses. After looking at the art and breaking the ice a bit, Tico welcomed us to lay down on massage tables with comfortable pillows and blankets. After an imaginative story-telling guided meditation that included nature sound effects from rhythm instruments by Damaris, they got started on the body painting. Both my friend and I wore sports bras while our arms and faces were painted in unique designs based on the conversations we were having. It was surprisingly relaxing and surreal at the same time. Music and conversation flowed naturally, and the time flew by. After the painting was done, they took a ton of pictures giving us direction the whole time. They showed us a few before we left, feeling like we'd just had a psychedelic experience. Around a day or so later, we received a WeTransfer link with a HUGE amount of pictures and videos, with effects added and many trippy versions of our painted selves. Would HIGHly recommend. Thanks guys, for an amazing night!”


Becca & Thomas

February 23, 2021


There is a palpable positive and creative energy in Myztico's art space. Together with Damaris they provided a beautiful experience with easy transitions between the meditation, the painting, and the photoshoot



Tia & Gabby


“This experience was great, Tico & Damaris made us feel very comfortable in their home studio and provided an amazing meditative journey for us. They were kind and warm, interesting people who shared their story and were genuinely interested in ours. Really good dynamic between the two and provided excellent direction and results. Definitely try this if you want a unique and calming evening. Thank you so much!”





February 13, 2021

I really had no idea what to expect from this experience of body painting with Myztico and neither did my fiancé Jonathan who I took as a Valentine’s Day surprise. It’s a bit hard to put into words how special this experience is! When we arrived Myztico warmly welcomed us and made sure we were comfortable in every sense of the word. He showed us some of his amazing artwork and told us a bit about his history as a black light/ body painter and asked us about ourselves. Because we went as a couple, we also had the pleasure of working with Myztico’s partner Damaris who is also a visual artist and reiki practitioner. Myztico took us through a guided meditation as we relaxed on side by side massage tables and then he painted Jon while Damaris painted me, although the entire process was a collaboration. After we were painted, they took a long photo shoot of us where they guided us through different poses and showed us how their filters worked to turn us into stunning art! Both Jon and I are somewhat reserved people and this experience allowed us to connect with ourselves, each other and Myztico and Damaris to really access a new level of consciousness , if only for a night. I’m so grateful to them for this experience ❤️🙏🏻

Private Feedback: Thank you for the stunning images ! You inspire us!



October 30, 2020

Unique experience that will transport you to another location. Unusual and engaging, fair value and an entertaining experience.




Jade Guglietti

Hayange, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, France

February, 19, 2020

“This experience was truly something that opened new horizons to me and I discovered a new way of discovering myself. Myztico was really sweet both to me and my mom. It was amazing, I will for sure follow his works in the future. I encourage anyone who’s thinking about doing this experience to go for it, there won’t  be any regret.”




Nico Galloway

February 1, 2020

“Such a unique and fantastically creative experience. Myztico led us through an amazing meditation and body painting session and shared some of his own life stories which were wonderful and exciting to hear about. The passion he has for his art is inspiring and we feel so grateful to have been able to take part in it!”



January 15, 2020

I planned this as a surprise for my boyfriends birthday! He had no idea what he was in for. Tico greeted us at the lobby of his apt and welcomed us to his apartment. It was byob so he immediately served us with the wine I brought! He let us get settled and then we did a meditation for a while! It was so so relaxing (I’m pretty sure my boyfriend actually fell asleep). Then we changed into our clothes (we both wore pants but boys no shirt, girls just wear a sport bra that will be painted on) and we lied down and he alternated painting us. It was so unique! We exchanged a lot of stories and good convo. Then we ended with a fun photoshoot in the black light with tico’s own beautiful paintings in the background. It was so so cool to see the finished product. We became art. He took a lot individual photos and couple photos of us. We left the apt fully painted (it had dried) and it all washed off very easily off clothes and skin. No reaction or anything. Def a unique date night experience if u wanna do something different!



December 2019

This was a unique experience. I enjoyed the guided meditation and music playing. The body painting is not for the meek. It's up-close and personal and took hours. I felt safe with Myztico. I appreciated his kindness, creativity, and insights. I recommend this experience.




November 18, 2019


Myztico’s experience is truly magical. I felt connected to him instantly. He made me feel empowered to try something new. Not to mention the photos and everything turned out amazing. He was professional and kind. I hope to return and think it’s a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Thank you again, Myztico! Gratitude 🙏


February 19, 2019


This was an amazing experience! Myztico led me on a powerful meditation before he began painting. I opted for body painting which blew my mind when I looked in the mirror. This experience was powerful, uplifting and unique! The images he provides culminate the artistic expression of this experience, of love and light. I highly recommend this experience!!!


December 6, 2018


I had an amazing experience that allowed me to find peace of mind. I have tried meditation before but this one is special and unique. The experience gave me an opportunity to abstract myself from the surroundings. Myztico is an amazing human being, he is peaceful, he makes you feel comfortable and is a talented artist. He has a wonderful art place and good vibes. I highly recommend this experience.  


November 9, 2018


Myztico has an amazing gift. I opted for the body painting which was an awesome experience. He was patient and accommodating to my needs. His professionalism and passion for his craft is appreciated. I highly recommend embarking on an artistic journey with him. You will not be disappointed.


September 19, 2018


I had a blast with this experience and in exploring something I've never done before. Seeing this artists work and interacting with the paint was so interesting! I initially chose to be painted but then swapped over to painting on a canvas due to logistics that worked out better for both myself and the artist. This was a funky and fun few hours and one I would recommend to others especially if you are into meditation and art.


September 3, 2018


Wonderful experience by Myztico! I had a great time. It was a pleasure interacting with a talented artist. Highly recommended!


August 27, 2018


This experience was amazing, above & beyond my expectations. I feel like we went so deep with the guided meditation in the beginning, I felt comfortable and connected the entire time. Myztico is so patient and easygoing, his space felt so welcoming. The body painting was peaceful and powerful, and I got to observe and inquire about his amazing art that covers his walls. When the time came to take photos he communicated clearly and encouraged me to share my ideas as well as his. It was an overall wonderful experience and I would do it again. Thank you Myztico!!


August 18, 2018


An experience for all the senses!! Physical, emotional and spiritual all together. We felt the magic and the love of Mystico in all and every stroke of his brushes. Starting with a deep shamanic meditation that relaxes your body and soul he guided us in a journey that ended on a unique photo shot impossible to describe in words. We left with joy in our hearts and very happy to have chosen to live this experience. Thanks Mystico, gracias hermano!!!!


August 7, 2018


This is the one of a kind experience that I strongly recommend to everyone who wants to embrace their creativity and spiritual excitement. Myztico was friendly and provided good guidance to help me during the meditation as well as the art work. I am so surprised by the final work that was painted by myself in 3 hours. Painting helps us to find the inner peace and painting in the black light is definitely worth to try!


June 25, 2018


Such a fun and unique experience! Myztico showed me some of the photos he took on his phone and they look amazing! Can't wait to see them all! Definitely recommend doing this if you're visiting NYC and looking for something out of the ordinary to do.


April 14, 2018


THIS IS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Tico made us feel so comfortable the entire time and puts so much effort and passion into his art! He loves what he does and it shows!! We both looked absolutely amazing after being painted and the photographs we got from this experience are absolutely amazing! Such a fun and exciting experience!!


April 5, 2018


This was my first time doing an Airbnb experience. My fiance and I l really enjoyed our time with Myztico. He's very down to earth, super talented, and his artwork is incredible! This was our first time being bodypainted, and the finish product exceeded my expectations. Myztico's passion for his craft really came across in the bodypainting, and I can't wait to print the photos and share them with friends and family. I'm so glad we decided to veer from our usual "dinner and a movie" to try something new. It was well worth it!


March 22, 2018


This experience was incredible and is definitely a memory my partner and I will always look fondly upon. From the moment you meet Myztico you are able to relax and trust that you are in the hands of an incredible artist and true professional. The 3D art is unlike anything you've ever seen and the meditation really allows you to calm down and get into a creative mind set. I encourage you to get your body painted, as a woman, I had some reservations but as I mentioned, Myztico is a true professional. The final results were mind blowing, my partner and I were shocked at how different we both looked and the focus on us as individuals that Myztico put into our body art. The photos he takes afterwards are seriously the coolest most psychedelic photos you could imagine and are a treat to share with friends. I definitely recommend this experience, come with an open mind and enjoy Myztico's conversation and artistic abilities. You will leave being appreciative of art and with a love for your body plus one of the coolest stories to add to your repertoire. Thank you Myztico! It was a pleasure to get to know and to be painted by you.


March 15, 2018


This was such a unique experience! Well worth it! Myztico is a *Visionary Artist* in many senses of the word. We happened on our spirit animals during the guided meditation. Very special. He crafts the experience to make it something truly authentic and deep. I walked out of it feeling like I had gone on a journey. The neon and blacklight artwork is beyond cool. And, I'm going to cherish the photos that were taken at the end for a long time to come. None of my friends have anything like it on Facebook or IG. Much gratitude. Thank you, Myztico!


February 15, 2018


It was such a unique experience! Exactly what I was looking for!


February 13, 2018


Myztico is such an amazing person. My boyfriend and i booked this experience not knowing what really to expect and we ended up withnot only an evening of cool body painting and trippy works of art, but also interesting conversations. We were immediately put at ease by his professionalism and personality and afterward we agreed that it was our coolest Tuesday night as a couple!! Afterward we even had the opportunity to be part of his art my contributing to a video creation and he took lots of cool pictures for us to share with friends. I would recommend it to anyone and look forward to painting with him in the future.


January 24, 2018


What a great experience! I came into this not knowing what to expect other than a very unique chance to paint some UV art. It was so much more than that and the starting meditation really opened up my creativity and is something I plan to do now with my music writing to get in the right mindset. The painting was great with Myztico's guidance and willingness to explain his process and my girlfriend and I had a great time. I would highly recommend you visit Myztico if you are in the area.


January 24, 2018


This blacklight UV paint experience completely exceeded my expectations! A little background: I had purchased it as a birthday present for my boyfriend-- both he and I aren't painters by any stretch, just appreciators of art who are looking for new creative outlets. That said, Myztico knew just what to do with two newbies. The guided meditation certainly inspired us to put paint to canvas and our host's gentle suggestions made the creative process feel all the more gratifying. Some notes on the host: Myztico is a very accomplished artist with an eclectic range of experience that has led him around the world. His paintings have to be seen to believed-- once you catch sight of what they look like in the dark, you'll know what I mean! Both my boyfriend and I really appreciated his professionalism and openness. We felt so supported and inspired that we immediately ordered UV paint to try on our own at home. Can't wait to book another session-- we'd love to try his body painting experience next!


January 15, 2018


I took like 10+ experience ,this one is the best !


January 3, 2018


Highly recommend! This is more than just body painting. It was a relaxing, enlightening journey into my best self. Myztico had such a warm and welcoming presence. He provided a positive perspective towards art and creativity. His work in general is thought provoking and amazing. The space was peaceful and we had so much fun during the shoot. I can not boost enough about the fun I had during this experience. If you're looking to be refreshed this is for you. I would definitely do this again next time I'm in the area.

Sabrina Vedete

December 27, 2017


It started with discovering our Spirit Animal and ended with us embodying our black light alter egos! My best friend and I reunited after 20 years and chose to do this together as a bonding experience! We had the best time eva! Myztico was an incredible host, and so very talented. Do not miss this when you come to New York!


December 27, 2017


We loved our experience with Myztico. He is awesome — led a great meditation to get into the groove, we had a lively conversation during the painting process, and the photos came out REALLY cool. Definitely recommend.


December 19, 2017


This was so much fun! It’s not every day that you get to meet an artist with unique perspectives on life. A little long, if I were to do it again I would just get my face painted, but other than that I can happily say it was one of the most interesting nights I’ve had in NY! Thank you for the tea and hospitality :)


October 25, 2017


Myztico provided a very beautiful experience for my boyfriend and I. He is an inspiring artist with a bright soul. I felt very welcome in his studio- it was such a wonderful environment with ambient music, glowing intricate paintings, and a cool vibe. He did an amazing job painting our bodies from waist to head. I am very happy with the photographs we have. With the UV body paint and the UV backdrop the pictures are out of this world. I would truly recommend this experience, it is a unique and memorable one.


October 3, 2017


This was by far one of the best experiences I've ever had! Myztico was so accomadating and made me feel totally free in my creativity! He began with a short sound meditation which helped me to feel relaxed and centered. Myztico was easy to talk to and was an exceptional teacher, explaining his techniques in a way that was informative but didn't make me feel like I was an idiot. This was my first time painting in nearly 10 years and it was an absolutely unbelievable feeling to do so with UV paint and an amazing teacher! Thank you so much for an absolutely magical experience Myztico!!